Invisible Girl

by Denise Hudson

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Densongs. This is kind of a smattering of a "best of" which makes a kind of "story of" Me. from the contest albums, etc. :)

I'm pretty proud of these, actually. :) :)


released December 8, 2011

tracks by Denise Hudson
DJ Ranger Den

'Unexpected Guest' cowritten/coproduced/mastered by Chris Dienst of Billy's Little Trip/Billy and the Psychotics
HeartShaker remix/master by Chris Dienst of Billy's Little Trip/Billy and the Psychotics
Cassettes bass and mastering, Chris Dienst of Billy's Little Trip/Billy and the Psychotics
'Something Very Horrible ("Bluebeard's Lament")' vocal by Joe "Covenant" Lamb




Denise Hudson Austin

I am Denise Hudson. Also known as DJ Ranger Den. Albums change here lots, so feel free to download things for free and/or sporadically donate for tracks and albums as you see fit.

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Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - 'Breaking The Ice'
she'll watch the clock a lot
and she'll try to say so in a song
she'll guess at absolutes
and probably get it wrong

you think you'll want to know
all about her little ways
maybe you imagine
what she'd do with all the things
that you won't say

/But breaking the ice
is not a good idea
well you just make it seem
so nice

look at this -
nobody seems to mind
everybody wants a little something
when it's so hot outside

she's staring at the screen
she adds it up all the time!
you know she breathes so deep
when she reads anything that's right

/so maybe
breaking the ice
is not a good idea
but you just make it seem
so .....

~I could scream!
It'll happen again I know -
all birds fly away ...
then they all vanish
like smoke into the sky
-that's why she won't play dice
...thats why they call it
ice ...

just another fools game
just another wall
just another number
that she's never gonna call

she'll watch the clock a lot
she knows it's quittin' time
she wonders what the broken birds remember
when they fly home
at nighttime...
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den (w/special guest Billy's Little Trip) - 'Unexpected Guest' (Nur Ein 7 Rd 3)
out of time
out of sight - so out of mind
and yet these skies were never mine
to fly by

in he creeps
unexpectedly into your dreams
sleep cannot win
when your shadow comes calling

so i'll smile politely
and be just like they like me
no dreams are mine

she slithers in
you did not invite her
she's your unexpected guest
uncovers all your secrets

go back to bed,
she said... she'll make it go away
all these nightmares in your head -
fingers crossed behind

in he creeps
unexpectedly into your dreams
sleep cannot win
when your shadow comes calling

in we creep
unexpectedly into your dreams
sleep cannot win
when your shadow comes calling
Track Name: 'Heart Shaker' - Billy's Little Trip Remix (Nur Ein 6 Rd 5)

The heartshaker came
he lies in wait
that's his way
he lies
he wants … my life
it's what he does
he comes.. for me

as I gaze open wide into
vertigo-go, baby oh no, oh god
i don't want to know
i feel the rain

as my mind slides away
and we try to erase
all the mistakes that were made
tell me whatcha' gonna do gonna do
to stop the heart break?

think a second of me
my water's so deep
how you drown in my salty so sweet
try to remember the sanity
take time - help me breathe
stop what came, whatever it be
(if it be the heart shaker, then break me)

if I die before I wake
lets make a wish
our hearts won't break apart
please don't come for me
there won't be a point for the earthquake
across the sea

down to the river / down to the sea
heartshaker lies in wait
to come and take my heart
Track Name: 'Invisible Girl' (Spintunes #1 Rd 1)
Stare through my hands again
blue page to tempt me to tell … my secret
but you seem to guess it so well

yes, no one sees the whole
it spins so close to home, truth hits down to the bone
but you get it so totally; you alone seem to see
all the way through me

Are you my friend or my enemy
And I don't let anyone, or anything see me
Invisible Girl / invisible me
The secrets inside me burn me so much deeper than lightning
the sneaking the fighting … the hiding
And you think that just because you can see
thru walls that you can see
My disguise slipped last night
those x-ray eyes … of yours
saw me fade right through the exit door
of course I'm running away
Yeah you run away too you know
Sometimes I see your eyes
sometimes we'll go away together to fight crime

And if we could fly it would stop us from falling
And if I could let somebody see the
Invisible Girl / Invisible me
The secrets inside me have always had only one key
And I guess that you want to unlock me
You see me walk alone on a tightrope
I will not wear my heart out on my sleeve
You say what you think
Do you think we'd make a good team?
Invisible Girl / invisible me
Could you call the shots
could I be your robin or would you be
one nation indivisible under me?
Could we be so lucky?
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - 'Cloud - Cuckoo - Land'
...the other side of crazy
i peer between the bars..
I won't get out today;
or anytime this year
but that's okay

They give me shiny things to swallow
I've got my teddy bear
'Judge Judy's' on tomorrow;
and i don't care about nothing anyway...

Cloud - Cuckoo - Land
is a place you'll never understand -
so put your pad and your pencils down..
stop squinting at me like I'm crazy!
Cloud - Cuckoo - Land
Cloud - Cuckoo - Land
(Cloud - Cuckoo - Land)

everybody's quiet...
it's half past three and the med-carts have gone around
i don't think half the people like it here
and I have mixed feelings
about the way i am dealing
and by the time I take off in the air
i don't seem to care

Cloud - Cuckoo - Land
is a place you'll never understand! -
a place of flying away and healing ...
a place of revealing...
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - Cassettes (Nur Ein 7 Rd 5)
I know I can't rewind us back again
so I record these new things desperately.
And you deserve a nicer word than friend.

You wrote over so many bad ends.
But my troubles thread out tiny openings.
I know I can't rewind us back again.

And you can't spool hearts inside themselves again
like with pens forced in cassettes - center spokes spinning ...
and you deserve a nicer word than friend!

So yes this is a tangled mess we're in;
but I know, we've got no plans for the leaving.
I know I can't rewind us back again

I bet there is something here...I can win
at least that's what you keep on making me believe;
and you deserve a nicer word than friend!

So yeah, I won't tape over anything you send...
but the record of these things must be made by me.
I know I can't rewind us back again,
and you deserve a nicer word than friend.
Track Name: 'Mercy Killing' - Contest Demo (Spintunes #1 Rd 3)
meet me at the back of the alley, mr. x
you know what it's for, but it's not for that
better make it fast ... think I paid enough for the
mercy killing.

i changed my mind -
i don't really wanna know how it's gonna go down
i think maybe i'd like a lotta people around
so gun me down ...

... in a crowd
then just fade out
and i won't hear the sounds
from your mercy killing

when i decide that it's time
i don't wanna hide
i wanna do this right
remove the option
and give someone else a try
why shouldn't i?

i .......

maybe i'll give a little signal if I panic
if i'd like my dreams back

meet me at the back of the alley, mr. x
you know what it's for
this time it's for that
now i think that this time i might really
want .........
Track Name: 'Duality Cupcake ("Why")' - radio edit
My week has not been fine
There's no rules for how to write my life
Stick to facts go back to practice
still all this distraction

lies in wait to glaze me make me crazy
although no mistakes are made
so who's to say?

It's morning…
It's nighttime
a cup of do-or-die
a flask of hello-goodbye
a tablespoon of
why shouldn't I??

As for him and I
-we're fine
and I think we might be tied up tight enough
… to get by

But who's complaining
what's underneath my frosting's
not really what's advertised …

well why .. shouldn't I
add the spice
a cup of do or die
dash of hello goodbye
well why not why, why shouldn't I?

Why, shouldn't I
add some spice
a cup of
do or die
just tell me
why write a recipe
to make something from this thing

Why shouldn't I?
Mixed up like marmalade inside
And I try to hide myself in plain sight …
it's sticky in my mind
complications clinging singing circles and I close my eyes
And it stays ... my duality
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - Verge of Tears
Don't look away
Don't look back to where you came from
and don't say you'll stay with me

Don't make excuses this way
Nothing decays like the smell of a lie in the face

On the verge of tears the year will blur into a sea of wasted words
You learn that your worth is the proportional inverse of lines which were so well rehearsed
Your mind spins at the memories of trust washed out like the tide - that time you won't talk about now

So make all your plans for tomorrow
but you don't know ... where I'll go

On the verge ...
I want to fall through into you and time
On the verge of tears
Track Name: Denise Hudson (featuring Joe 'Covenant' Lamb) - 'Something Very Horrible ("Bluebeard's Lament")' (Song Fu VI Rd 2)
They tied our hands together
that time that we met
It was maybe a little intense for our first date

And I don't have a homeland now
No one's really from anywhere I s'pose
I've heard the rumors but I'm lying here undressed

My love, you'll be alright
You've reached a place of safety
Be careful, good night
don't look behind your fears
For I have drawn a curtain right over the darkness
Here, come claim your home
don't look for hidden halls

In the morning I'm not shy because you're mine
And you say these things are all for me
And I don't put no stock
in all the suspicious storytellings
when my mind is shocked by love
Then you tell me not to walk on down the hall

For anything, for anything
For anything, for anything
My love I thought I gave you all that you wanted
So now we'll go away into the darkness
(And you know what curiosity did for that cat)

They tied our hands together, the *first* time we met
(it was almost too easy, it was almost too tragic)
You say that I have all of your resources, and your love
(I waited for the inevitable end of the line)

Only one thing that I asked
(you gave me the keys)
You know what curiosity did for the cat
My beautiful girl
(to everything, to everything -)

(How can a man who can touch me like you do...)
I already know you will ignore my requests
( so violent and sad, with no regret … )
And now the key will never wipe clean
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - 'Vest Factory'
All the girls they love you
love you love you love you
precious piece of clothing
the way you hold my skin...

the way you adorn me
they all wanna be like me
they all wanna be
the prettiest vest in the vest factory

but if they knew me
knew me knew me
they would know I am lost
if all your precious seamstresses could
see see see see
the cost

they would see right through me
their mouths would gasp
like the little fishes
and they'd be lost
...lost lost
just like me

in this silent scream
trapped in these seams
trapped in the seams of the
vest factory
trapped like the way that you hold me
so very straitjacketdly

they would know know
they would know know
they'd would know for sure, for sure
that I am quite, quite alone
and they would be
they would be, they would be,
sorry.. so so so so
of all my lack of control..
and they would know
that I've got nothing -
so, so?

they would know me
in this silent scream
trapped in between
these dreams
the seams of the
vest factory
trapped so straitjacketdly
trapped so straitjacketdly

i have a waistcoat, I call it a vest
It's kinda light green, and actually I have three or four
they're kinda my thing I'm known for
well, that and avoiding …
all the issues of course
not following prompts / I put my hands in my pockets

and yeah, I scream
so silently
in between the seams
trapped straightjacketly
I'm lost, I'm lost, I lost
in these streams
trapped so straitjacketdly
drowning, drowning, drowning….

in the factory
of you … and me
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - Dodged A Bullet
each time i think
I'm okay when I'm sleeping
I change my mind when I'm awake

sometimes I'd like
to say something beautiful
maybe that's just time to waste

so all of these days just die of old age

Maybe you're wondering
when will it do something
poking the microscope slide

And if the train seemed like
it ever would go somewhere
maybe you'd go for a ride

but when it moved you just ran to hide

but I'd say you dodged a bullet
cuz living your life to the fullest
is exhausting.
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - Canadian Girlfriend
men all just want sex.
that's what the magazines are saying..
i read it in the airport while I'm waiting for you
but you just say I'm silly.

well we went to movies that night
and I spied on the slant of your eyes..
and i wondered what you do with your eyes
when you land on the 6 am flight

'cuz we all know all about
little miss Canada
don't try to deny it
does she know about me..?

So take the northern flight
with your bag of socks and lies
and don't me.

it's funny how you always say
you really really don't wanna go..
I always tell the joke about
your secret family, but nobody's laughing

The magazines all say
if I learn the right techniques,
it won't play it this way
but you'll just say I'm silly
...and belittle me.
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - Happy To Be Here
I'm happy to be, happy to be
happy to be here brushing my teeth
I'm happy to do it,
cuz that's what we're s'pozed to do...

No one wants tooth decay,
and bleeding gums,
and halitosis ...
So get your brush,
open up...
swish swish that mouthwash!
...and don't get lazy with that floss :)

This is your toothbrush song!
And I'm happy to be here, singing along.
Do 30 seconds on each side,
then rinse it off and kiss good night.