by Denise Hudson

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just some random stuff. instrumentals. experimentals. stuff for preview. Some REALLY silly things...


released April 4, 2011

Denise Hudson
Poison Tree Frog Productions



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Denise Hudson Austin

I am Denise Hudson. Also known as DJ Ranger Den. Albums change here lots, so feel free to download things for free and/or sporadically donate for tracks and albums as you see fit.

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Track Name: 'Lullaby ("Shadows I Take My Leave")'
Dreams and stars can never be seen
...in the daylight
And that's how it will be with you and me
always something like a dream

But we're only awake
...while we're sleeping,
remembering the night gone by
my prince from the lullaby

Goodnight, goodbye
Hello to the morning!
my memory will get me through
on the wings that I fly to

But when morning appears
my dream slips away
without a sound, I forget
how to make it come back
i forget what to say
and i'm lost and unsure I go at it alone
i have lost my way...
unloved, kicking at phantoms that come
up to snatch me away from my home
...to the day

Goodnight, goodbye to the morning
the sleeping will warm me
and soon nothing will harm me.

Dreams now, will never be seen
Shadows- I take my leave!
Lullaby, walk beside me.
(now it's time to sleep...
Track Name: 'Before It Began' (Dave Leigh / William Hoover -Dr. Lindyke)
I wish I had the chance to say I love you again
I wish you weren't content in just being my friend
And if we had it all to do all over again
I'd still just be this human child afraid to pretend

It's safe to say it's over, 'cause I don't know what that means
As I dangle un-animated by my worn-out puppet strings
I really thought we had it, but what is the use
When two people forfeit love and won't acknowledge the truth

(Because) It's over, really over before it began
Destined to become something neither one of us could stand
I remember walking hand in hand
Alone after midnight before it began

I fell in love again just yesterday
Then this morning came and took it all away
Strung out on a high wire for all to see
My heart the famous casualty
Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - 'YeahBaby! Piraña Dance'
"fiiiiish... swimmin' in the Amazon...."

Track Name: Donutworthy - 'Sleep' (Frankensong Legal Mix, Stage Me)
How can it be that when we
...all sleep
the world keeps turning on?
so could it be that we...
should all sleep
for whatever dreams may come

And when the morning comes around
everything you see,
can make you wish that you still dreamed...

all these things when they came
and they made it much harder for us to breathe
to believe
in something real
turning away from the sun

your shadow falling long
and flooding into your room
oh but you
never missed the moon
it never rose too soon
for you

you ….
never know when to go
when we all...

the world keeps turning on?
so could it be that we
should all sleep
for whatever dreams may come

And when the dark is all around
There’s nothing you can see
To make you feel you still believe

Why, cannot tell you why
when you look in the sky
is morning dark sometimes
and when will the sunlight come again
will it bring dawn

the world keeps turning on?
so could it be that we
should all sleep
for whatever dreams may come
Track Name: 'Have Your Cake'
Lyrics are also at try one