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by Denise Hudson

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(free) 04:24


the continuation of my addiction and all the tunes written for

if you want to know any MORE about my time at Spintunes, visit the Spintunes site itself (spintunes.blogspot.com) and starting in January of 2012, I judged the competition and wrote some reviews.

As far as my performance in it, in Season two, you have only to look at

to see most of the work that was done.
...and from Hudson and Day, my current and ongoing Spintunes project now, there is still much more to come; both reworks from past, and new stuff from future.


released October 1, 2011

'It Worked Out ("Free")' by Hudson and Day
Hudson and Day is Denise Hudson and Alyssa Day

'Today's The Day' by Inverse T. Clown

'Libery - Wish You Were Here' by Denise Hudson and Dave Leigh of Dr. Lindyke

'Gone' (a developed excerpt from 'Liberty - Wish You were Here' (D.Hudson/D.Leigh); excerpt written by D.Hudson)




Denise Hudson Austin

I am Denise Hudson. Also known as DJ Ranger Den. Albums change here lots, so feel free to download things for free and/or sporadically donate for tracks and albums as you see fit.

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Track Name: DJ Ranger Den - My Fellow Mannabadoos

My fellow Mannabadoos ...
We’ve won the election,
we are the owners of everything now!
That’s how this all goes

Now you get to gloat!
You’ve won the election and you are the bridge trolls and everyone knows
whatever goes on past the curtain's not real
(in fact there’s no curtain at all..)

oh look! oh they’re making a scene!
just look what they're doing
Oh! No! They’re embarrassing me! … everyone who disagrees
may they spend millennia with their underwear full of fleas
my fellow Mannabadoos ...

My fellow Mannabadoos ...
You know that I won this this thing fairly. squarely.
and you know I keep score!
and if you disagree we’ll work out a square deal,
I’ve done this before!
(that’s what prison is for)
...my fellow Mannabadoos …
my fellow Mannabadoos
Track Name: @suspiciousden - to dust
It seems like it’s safe
from on top of the grave
you forget how to over-explain

sometimes I indulgently
dig up the body
have quaint repartee with decay

and I can say
nothing good ever came away
from knowing your face or your name

I could forward details …
every dodge, every lie, all the fail!
but why spend the time
informing the life of someone
who should
...just die

my hands in my pockets
I walk down a halway
...so hypothetically
it's not about you
(it's not about you)
because you are no one
...to me
Track Name: 'Flex Time' (Spintunes #1 Rd 2)
(a 4/4/ or 2/4 or whatever)
Look at me..
You don’t like
What you see
You wanna change
me, I see
You reframe me into

flexibility ...
You know I can bend just how you want me
… just like
time, just exactly .. like a trapdoor.
U-turn, rugburn
crawl along the dirty floor
feel your way, dripping
moving now you're slipping through the wormhole
wanting more to your event horizon
you kneel on the floor
begging to be cuffed to my oblivion

CH (6/8)
I thought I'd be different
I thought I'd be heard
like when I had hand
but you've got the last word
But I don't seem to mind
I got nothing but time

(4/4 ish)
Life hands you my lemons
I'm afraid,
sampled several swallows of your lemonade
and you wanna squeeze me cuz you say like it sweet
but it goes bitter quicker when you think to try and trick me
don't mind sticky when you're giving me a treat
show and tell show me something that you know you do well
let you go down so fast
I'm a reasonable girl give and take for a taste
Make it last.. want some sugar - be up for the task!

CH (6/8)
I know I can smell and feel your taste
'cuz you came and you went in great haste
Won't you come back inside
I got nothing but time .....

BR (time signiture switching)
I must be wandering in your night time
I screamed right straight
through your sweet crime
…..and I twisted and writhed under your
watchful eyes.
I wish that I was made of
(4/4) / [(6/8)]
time ....
would you mind giving me SOME time.
Track Name: Today's The Day (Inverse T. Clown)
I had a dream last night
In which everything wrong in my life went right
And much to my surprise
It was a quick transition
It played out so vividly
That's it's hard to describe what it did to me
Suffice to say I took it
As a premonition

Today's the day I get a move on
Today's the day I change
Today's the day that I improve on
Who I am and everything I do:
Today's the day that I break up with you

Just stop and think about
All the times I gave in so that we'd work out
If you look at the score
I think I tip the balance
But you prob'ly think that's great
'Cause you take and you drain and manipulate
I guess every succubus
Is gonna have those talents

Today's the day that I get angry
Today's the day I fight
Today's the day that I harangue
The telling-off that's way past overdue:
Today's the day that I break up with you

Don't look at me like that
With your cute pouting lips and your big, sad eyes
You're pretty, but you're pretty much a bitch

It's time for you to see
That the world is the world universally
And nowhere does it say
That you can run my planet
So you take our history
And your need for control and co-misery
And brace yourself real good
Then go ahead and cram it

Today's the day that I'm the victor
Today's the day I win
Today's the day I do your sister
Here's a toast to starting life anew:
Today's the day that I wake up
It's time to say I've had enough
Today's the day that I break up with you
Track Name: Dr. Lindyke & Denise Hudson - Liberty - Wish You Were Here (Spintunes #2 Rd 4)

"Greetings! You’ve reached Lady Liberty’s Lair. I can’t come to the phone right now, I’m off saving the populace from the dastardly clutches of random evildoers. But if you’ll leave your name, number, and a brief message – I’ll call you back as soon as justice has been restored. Have a SUPER day!”

“Hello, Liberty. This is your nemesis, Baron von Badass. I'm calling to inform you that I'll be on holiday this month, and I'm taking my minions with me. so if you haven't already made plans, now's the time. Oh, I know you'll miss me, but don't worry... I'll check in from time to time." click. dialtone.

How rude! But what do I expect??
He always does things his way.
He’s gonna say, what he’s gonna say
So while he’s away, I’ll take some time for me
I'll drink lots of ice tea, take some bubble baths
Maybe work on my tan
read a book or three …

Let my hair down, go out on the town
Maybe eat something fattening
I’ll just clock out for now, take a little home vacation
Cuz who needs him? ... that supervillan of a man,
... that supervillian of a man ...

vonBADASS in PARIS (musette)
Remember that day in Paree (Paris)
When we met on the Champs Elysee?
On the Arc de Triomphe, the scorch marks are still visible.
Though later we found them to be inadmissible
When you couldn't quite pin them on me

(ah, but you tried!)

The City of Lights,
Most romantic at night,
Such amazing museums,
You really must see them
But now I must be on my way
Bon chance, have a beautiful day.

I remember our little French scene
I would call you delusional
And yes I feel quite attitudinal
cuz it's hot and it's boring
and I wish you were back
don't take it that way i don't miss you, okay?

It's just that I'm alphabetizing my spice rack
And I certainly miss kicking your butt
But I scour the news for something to do
finished three crosswords, my toenails are flawless
I'd kill for a tragedy or two

von BADASS in PAMPLONA (flamenco)
As I ran with the bulls, my machismo was apparent
The streets of Pamplona were streaked with blood and fear

The most exciting thing that I have ever done
I felt that I had wings as I began to run
And now and then, my dear,
I'm wishing you were here

In sultry, sunny Spain
But then again
I'm enjoying my privacy
(if you know what I mean)

You must be kidding me with that crap, mi amor
You gotta give it a rest, señor
Still I gotta admit I was pretty bored before..

Cuz I've been pulling weeds, and doing good deeds
There ain't any kittens in any trees
There's no crime as far as the eye can see

But you know ...
There's a new bank down the street
That you'd find kinda interesting
I wonder what you'd do with that kinda thing ...

von BADASS in JAMAICA (reggae)
In the sand, beneath the sun
By the waters, crystal blue
With my Margarite I
Lay 'neath the palms thinking of you

A bikini top lay limp
And empty by my side
Perhaps it will find its owner
Before it's washed out by the tide.

O-M-G this has to be
The finest place I've ever been
In the sunlight you can see
To the bottom of the sea

Take my advice, don't think twice
Try the sugar and the spice
Yes, the beaches here are nice
In Jamaica
Yes, I'm thinking of you here
In Jamaica

When you’re gone
I enjoy my self in a daze
I sleep late, I stay in bed and have my cake and eat it too

But when you’re gone I don't know what to do
There’s too much time
I start to think
There's too much on my mind

I start to justify
I think about the credit crisis
I polish all my doorknobs to a shine

And while my toenails dry
I begin to hatch a plan
so when you get back
it won't be as quiet
as you thought you might find it ...

von BADASS in NEW ORLEANS (zydeco in C)
[The last part is a voiceover. The lyrics are for the zydeco song in the background of the party.]

[background song]
Down in Louisiana
Down in the Bayou
There lives my baby and my baby's gonna try you
On. My baby's gonna try you on.
Yes, she knows her way around
And she definitely wants to try you on.

[drunken voiceover]
"Hello, Liberty?

Liberty! This party is amazing!
Wooo! I'm having the best time EVER!
Look... I might not be back for another week or two
so why don't you just visit some orphans or do whatever
it is you do for fun? Don't worry about me, I'll be fine.
Got to go... PARTY CALLS! Wooooo!"

[abruptly ends as the phone hangs up and dial tone]

Really.. Really? A drunk dial … …. whatEVER…..
I don’t care about it you’re a sad sack of a man
So Laissez les bontemps roulez…
You just have your day of it
Guess what… I’ll get away with it,
I’ll take everything
I won’t have to pay for it
And while your sticky fingers were in the beignets
Mine were a’planning my triumphant day of debut
Into my world of organized crime
I’ll excel at it too / So much better than you
I will take everything, and I will get my way
I got the tricks of the trade
I’ll take everything
This is my lucky day So you just stay away
I’ll take everything
Like a real tiny small ninja I’ll make my escape
I got a tete a tete with the bank
I’ll take everything

[robs bank]

LAST BADASS VOICEMAIL (heroic rock)Duet thing
Liberty! You've gone too far! You've taken what is mine
The gold is nothing... but my reputation as the King of Crime

This is MY town! This is MY turf! You are NOTHING without me!
If you want to play the villain game, perhaps you should pay the fee!

Will you still love the excitement in a cell of five by ten?
With a regemented schedule... how will you feel then?
And it will be I, BARON VON BADASS, there to save the day
To clap your hands in irons and sequester you away
I will bring you to justice! I will bring you to justice.....!

And if I can place this telephone call
If you can hear my voice at all
If your brain can hold a thought, consider this...
I know where you live.
I know where you live!
Track Name: Hudson and Day - 'It Worked Out ("Free")' (SpinTunes #5 Rd 1)
Two weeks have gone by
It's time to say goodbye
I'm sure to miss all of you
Ha ha! Just kidding
…screw you!

I'm gonna be free, free, free
today at 5:30
I'm gonna be free, free, free
No more work for me!
I'm gonna be free! :||

Today is my last day!
My last day filling the paper tray
My last day getting your coffee
For the rest of my life it's all about me


…..Today is my last day here, oh how the years disappear
no more sucking up to the boss
From now on I'm in charge because
I'm free, free, free
oh I'm free, oh I'm free.
Track Name: 'Blue'
Blue, is a thing that you do
Its a hue you pretend, that you suit
When you know all too well
That the pain at the end of the day
would be better suited to black
in a cold that shakes your spirit away

We stood by the water, cold freezing water
arms wrapped around
all that I think about so it seems
Do you dream of the sound of the ocean
Cuz now it's the loudest thing
taking me down...

Your eyes were blue when everything changed
when everything rearranged around to "nothing's the same"
and now I stay home, point the cameras away
like your eyes never saw me
all over the place
and I drank down every last taste
of the blue

But I'll be okay, and I'll shake off the stain
They can't say I'm scarlet when they paint me in grey
And I need clear blue water
to baptize the darkness away,
then we'll fly ...

Away.. into blue when I look in the mirror
Looking though tears it appears I see clearer
when I … stare & and do not refuse / The truth of the law that is you
Did you do it to me, Or did I do this to you
then who's been the fool for who?

Shut my mouth and I smiled and I nodded
And gave in to all that you wanted
Tomorrow can't crawl back to today
And the girl on the floor's not quite back where she started

and we slid down our rainbow
so quietly into the sea
Track Name: Hudson and Day - I Tried, Okay
An ache in my heart
A lump in my throat
Since you left I’ve been torn apart

Where did you go?
Why did you leave?
I can't breathe without you
I can’t live without you
I can't breathe without you

I’ve tried to move on
And I’ve tried to be strong
But nothing makes sense
(and no one really wants to talk about The Elephant that is the silence)
And no one can feel this emptiness
You left behind

The days are passing so slowly
And I don’t know how long I’ve been drowning
Just wasting my time
Analyzing every detail of us
And what went wrong.

I’ve tried to move on
And I’ve tried to be strong
But nothing makes sense
(and no one really wants to talk about The Elephant that is the silence)
And no one can feel this emptiness
You left behind

The days are passing so slowly
And I don’t know how long I’ve been drowning
Just wasting my time
Analyzing every detail of us
And what went wrong.