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    I wrote this for the as yet unfinished 'Single Rainbow Across the Internet' album over at Spintunes ...

    Joe and I also did one as Duality237. We did 'Indigo.'



Blue, is a thing that you do
Its a hue you pretend, that you suit
When you know all too well
That the pain at the end of the day
would be better suited to black
in a cold that shakes your spirit away

We stood by the water, cold freezing water
arms wrapped around
all that I think about so it seems
Do you dream of the sound of the ocean
Cuz now it's the loudest thing
taking me down...

Your eyes were blue when everything changed
when everything rearranged around to "nothing's the same"
and now I stay home, point the cameras away
like your eyes never saw me
all over the place
and I drank down every last taste
of the blue

But I'll be okay, and I'll shake off the stain
They can't say I'm scarlet when they paint me in grey
And I need clear blue water
to baptize the darkness away,
then we'll fly ...

Away.. into blue when I look in the mirror
Looking though tears it appears I see clearer
when I … stare & and do not refuse / The truth of the law that is you
Did you do it to me, Or did I do this to you
then who's been the fool for who?

Shut my mouth and I smiled and I nodded
And gave in to all that you wanted
Tomorrow can't crawl back to today
And the girl on the floor's not quite back where she started

and we slid down our rainbow
so quietly into the sea


from SpinTunes is so Money, track released January 17, 2011
Denise Hudson did everything




Denise Hudson Austin

I am Denise Hudson. Also known as DJ Ranger Den. Albums change here lots, so feel free to download things for free and/or sporadically donate for tracks and albums as you see fit.

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