'First Blood' - Second Horrifying Version (Nur Ein 6 Rd 0)

from by DJ Ranger Den



On this track, I added back the original bass and drums that I had left off because I MESSED up and had them TURNED DOWN. There wasn't time to fix it!!!

..... thanks need be given for THAT... the bass and drums are TERRIBLE!!!!!

Caleb Hines did his own mix:
with a rather righteous little bass bit.

Caleb lives here


I'm a fish, tiny fish
not enough for a dish
word on the street says that I wish
that I could just eat you up
like in the movies
babe on the chain
dangle over the pirana cage

i'm ferocious
first blood I'm atrocious
next great white with an underbite
oh no! that's a lie
i like beer and apple pie

find some science before you compare me
Why you wanna use me so scary?
the cannibals and animals
that's not in wikipedia
i'll tell you i'm not a criminal

I'm just trying to make some babies
Got a slick pad wavy reeds in the shallows
at the Rio Mogi Caucu
If you don't like I say…

- get lost!
Fins up!
so you wanna play the blame game
Say my name that I drew first blood
What a joke!
-I don't attack unless provoked!
(go get me a rum and coke)

It's illegal to box and store me in America
I'm aware that you wanna stare at me in your eatery
..yeah boys cuz I'm so pretty,
but that's not me you see it's my homies -
Catfish, Pacus
-in the the tank
by the ficus tree

I'm a pirana-
I wanna suck your blood
but I don't wanna
I got a jutting lower lip but I don't smoke the marijuana
I'm always on the swim I wouldn't do it underwater
I lay a lot of eggs so I don't know my sons and daughters

Don't you dare feel sorry for me
I only got one row of teeth


from NUR EIN​!​!​! says DJ Ranger Den, released April 21, 2011
me on everything




Denise Hudson Austin

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