DJ Ranger Den - My Fellow Mannabadoos (Proper Cut)

from by Denise Hudson

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This is an ILLEGAL original mix of a song I wrote; this apolitical-political song. I did it in response to a challenge for a song contest ( Im doing with music friends of mine. But then it turned out that I wrote it for my cat, who has grown weary of controversy and politics.

Spintunes has a 2 minute limit on its entries but my song wanted to be shorter. But if I were emperor there would be no limits and no song jail and no rules and no mandatory anythings. And you could write whatever song you like.

I was feeling politically glum becaujse of stuff. And I didn't really want to write an election song. So I waited until the last day and had written five songs already that I did not Like. And my tiny anarch-cat was messing with cables and climbing the soundproofing (which I tried to tell her "stop it!") so I grabbed my guitar and thought "ugh... elections..."
All I could think of was "my fellow Americans," I was thinking about someone giving a speech. I'm not feelin' it right now and also I don't want to pay my taxes. Maybe I should run for president so I can do whatever I want and the Mannabadoos can't make me do things I don't feel like. #entitlement

So I wanted to amuse the cat and make her fall asleep in her box next to my cylon-laptop, thus I made up a series of baby-talk syllables that pleased her and satisfied my need to make blameless commentary. I imagined what a little demagogue might say to what they thought was a nation of needy and short attention-spanned people. A people who wanted stuff NOW! Not necessarily you though. YOU'RE fine.....everything's fine...

Basically we're told:
"sure sure yeah right maybe okay behave or PRISON fear fear sexscandal have a nice refreshing 10 ADS THAT WILL MAKE YOU YOUNG!"

Kitty fell asleep and I wrote a song of what I sorta remembered. She liked the syllables, so we have the successful election of the leader of the mysterious Mannabadoos. Maybe they are from Xondor? (
Maybe their leader is someone subliminal, someone mysterious...

I suppose the lesson is that results come from money or MASSIVE numbers (which indicates money). But any dissent makes the Mannabadoo leader fretful and sullen...

As far as resistance, I don't know what to tell you. Mob analytics. numbers are the only way, and green is the only color power sees.

This is 1:33, the length the song faeries intended. And a vote for brevity is a vote for sanity.

I looped in protest for time the official entry:
And put noises at the end. Perhaps I will be disqualified; but enjoy it the way it was meant to be enjoyed - a Tiny Song for our Tiny-assed, Tiny hands election.



from SpinTunes is so Money, track released January 29, 2017
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