Denise Hudson (featuring Joe 'Covenant' Lamb) - 'Something Very Horrible ("Bluebeard's Lament"​)​' - First Tweaked Vrsn.

from by Denise Hudson

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    I did this track with Joe "Covenant" Lamb during Masters of Song Fu VI, Round 2. While Joe has what I'm calling "the Theatrical Version:"

    In this track, the piano is unchanged from the original.

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This was actually a song for Song Fu Six, round Two. The challenge was to write a song that does not rhyme.
I failed the challenge, but didn't get caught. The element of surprise and presentation I used for the tune in the contest helped us squeak through on "right" and "night" - which I had tried to embed phrase-wise in a non-rhymey way but Joe sung as one should.

This special little song is probably one of the reasons for Duality237

Once upon a time I did a favor for Joe Lamb. In "return," he said he'd help me with a track. That's the short version of the whole story, starting from chapter 5ish or so.

I was worried about how we would blend in a project, at first. Luckily, our vibratos matched even though our vocals really don't. As for the characters, I like that their ways of speaking do not really "go" together, as if they are from faraway different lands and suddenly find themselves thrown together. They then have to make the most of a forced romance in a dark castle and they have this brief childish trust that they don't know will get ripped away. So a creepy murderous king and a shaky and unsure maiden fall very deeply in love only to meet horrible and inevitable tragedy. We were certainly happy enough with the result to keep working on the song for a long time.


They tied our hands together
that time that we met
It was maybe a little intense for our first date

And I don't have a homeland now
No one's really from anywhere I s'pose
I've heard the rumors but I'm lying here undressed

My love, you'll be alright
You've reached a place of safety
Be careful, good night
don't look behind your fears
For I have drawn a curtain right over the darkness
Here, come claim your home
don't look for hidden halls

In the morning I'm not shy because you're mine
And you say these things - they're all for me
And I don't put no stock
in all the suspicious storytellings
when my mind is shocked by love
Then you tell me not to walk on down the hall

For anything, (for anything)
For anything...
My love I thought I gave you all that you wanted...
So now we'll go away into the darkness

And you know what curiosity did for that cat

They tied our hands together, the *last* time we met
(it was almost too easy, it was almost too tragic)
You say that I have all of your resources, and your love
(I waited for the inevitable end of the line)

Only one thing that I asked
(you gave me the keys)
You know what curiosity did for the cat
My beautiful girl
(to everything, to everything -)

(How can a man who can touch me like you do...)
I already know you will ignore my requests
( so violent and sad, with no regret … )
And now the key will never wipe clean


from the Song Fu that happened .​.​., track released March 30, 2010
All pianos and other vsts by: Denise Hudson
Vocals by: Joe 'Covenant' Lamb
& Denise Hudson

Joe can be found at

a PoisonTreeFrogProduction




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