'Spanish Lessons' (Nur Ein 5 Rd 2)

from by DJ Ranger Den

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    This is a weird little song. I don't know how to describe it.

    I would say the main character is using a foreign language metaphor to describe a relationship where the communication is just not happening, but they are still trying anyway. I don't know... make what you will of it!
    I made a video of it ... me talking to the "confused voices" in my head, trying to "sync them up"

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This was round 2 of Nur Ein VI. We were told to write a song to the title 'Spanish Lessons' with the "non-optional challenge" accelerando.


You don't know it
but you're the subject
You don't know it …but you're the predicate too
switch back and forth again with other people
switching places with you

Make a commitment to these sentences I'm trying to say
Once in a while baby give me my way give me some hand
understand my take on things
it's not like I'm rushing you toward any

Spanish lessons
I'm not asking you for Spanish lessons
For you to learn a foreign tongue
I just want to talk to someone
that should not be so hard to do
For a human like you

I'm not asking for anything crazy
I'm not begging for anything baby
as a matter of fact I don't beg
You won't catch me doing that
Yes that's a fact

I don't want any time that's not just fine with you
I want my own space
I got my own plans it's true
my own land my own big glass of wine
But maybe you could stop by
and have some of mine with your

Spanish lessons
Just a few … spanish lesson
Or something kinda
LIKE a foreign tongue
Learn to talk to someone so easy to do
For a person like you

You don't know me
I could show you things
(not a lot in spanish consequently)
hola mi amor
well … que lastima - amigo

what the hell
can you tell if it's just me
or if this isn't going well
… these ...

Spanish lessons
Spanish lessons
Is it it too hard to do
For a person, for a person
for a person like you?


from NUR EIN​!​!​! says DJ Ranger Den, track released May 2, 2010
All sounds, guitar, percussion/drums, and vox:
Denise Hudson

A Poison Tree Frog Production




Denise Hudson Austin

I am Denise Hudson. Also known as DJ Ranger Den. Albums change here lots, so feel free to download things for free and/or sporadically donate for tracks and albums as you see fit.

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