'Invisible Girl' (Spintunes #1 Rd 1)

from by Denise Hudson

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    Donate what you like or download for free ... it's a good song and a neat character, but the vocal is still developing :)

    Even when the song challenges for contests are very topical ... I tend to get very personal. So I think that my Invisible Girl WAS invisible me. As for the rest of the tune -

    ...the blue page tempts me to write and produce these things. But I don't sing and TELL. ;)

    [edit ...
    okay - post round 2 ... I guess I DO sing and tell ;) :P


    Anyway. There is also my first attempt at a remaster of this. Not happy with it, so we shall keep at it!
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This is my Entry from the Spintunes Contest.
First Round. The Challenge was 'I'm a DC, You're a Marvel.'
We were to write a song from the point of view of a superhero.


Stare through my hands again
blue page to tempt me to tell … my secret
but you seem to guess it so well

yes, no one sees the whole
it spins so close to home, truth hits down to the bone
but you get it so totally; you alone seem to see
all the way through me

Are you my friend or my enemy
And I don't let anyone, or anything see me
Invisible Girl / invisible me
The secrets inside me burn me so much deeper than lightning
the sneaking the fighting … the hiding
And you think that just because you can see
thru walls that you can see
My disguise slipped last night
those x-ray eyes … of yours
saw me fade right through the exit door
of course I'm running away
Yeah you run away too you know
Sometimes I see your eyes
sometimes we'll go away together to fight crime

And if we could fly it would stop us from falling
And if I could let somebody see the
Invisible Girl / Invisible me
The secrets inside me have always had only one key
And I guess that you want to unlock me
You see me walk alone on a tightrope
I will not wear my heart out on my sleeve
You say what you think
Do you think we'd make a good team?
Invisible Girl / invisible me
Could you call the shots
could I be your robin or would you be
one nation indivisible under me?
Could we be so lucky?


from Invisible Girl, track released December 1, 2010
All Sounds by: Denise Hudson
Poison Tree Frog Productions




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