the Song Fu that happened .​.​.

by Denise Hudson

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    this was the music which I produced between Masters of Song Fu Four and Six, which I thought produced some of the most stellar songwriters I have been pleased to know.

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I am addicted to songwriting competitions. This is my hallway, filled with trash. There's probably tacos, and other takeout in there. This is what has become of me. This is what can happen to you. I'll upload what I've done all year for the past year and four5ths or so. There's a LOT.


released April 1, 2011

Denise Hudson: vocals, guitars, pianos and keyboars, percussion, whining
Joe 'Covenant' Lamb: vocals on track 3



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Denise Hudson Austin

I am Denise Hudson. Also known as DJ Ranger Den. Albums change here lots, so feel free to download things for free and/or sporadically donate for tracks and albums as you see fit.

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Track Name: 'O Queen' (Song Fu IV Rd 3)
Men look at queens of the past for their clues
trying to see where the problem lies
in these old women's shoes

Many men could have said / off with the ladies head!
what shall I do with her ?
maybe my wife should burn …

Queen Christina, oh Queen Christina
how thankful am I, that I live my life in 2009 …

I look to the past and know my sorry ass
would have tried not to fight
but my head would have ended up upon a pike –

for all to see
matrimonial expressions of horror
at justice gone so awry!

Queen Christina, oh Queen Christina
how thankful am I, that I live my life in 2009 …

If now were then
would you've pulled me off of the fire … then ..?
- instead of now asking me for advice

Queen Christina, Queen Christina oh queen ...
Track Name: #205. Ms. Beatrice Knifetongue his wife, together they solve crimes (Song Fu V Rd 1, unreleased)
Is your wife cheating?
Did your neighbor steal your baby?
Do you want to catch them eating
These goodies for yourself?

Then you have come – to the right place
My mole-manic friend
Your quest is at an end, my dear
Beatrice Knifetongue is right here …

We solve crimes – short or tall
Dry or slimy, large or small, here at the
Twisty Knife Detective Agency
We don’t give a frogdamn, about the worm police
At the Twisty Knife Detective Agency

My husband acts as analyst
His name is Vandyke Writhingtwist
He’ll help me solve your case
And he’s a Slimelitzer Prize novelist

If you sign this release form
You might just make it in a book
Now won’t that be exciting!
To help the mole-man literati
Reach artistic dénouement and also catch that crook?!

At the Twisty Knife Detective Agency
My associate and I will meet all your mole-manic needs
Your satisfaction here is guaranteed … baby ~
At the Twisty Knife Detective Agency

With each new hole we dig, we aim only to please
At the Twisty Knife Detective Agency

Won’t you call 01-08 x-c-r-i-m-e
The Twisty Knife Detective A… gen… cy
Dah, dah … do dah … da-day, da, lay
(we solve crimes)
(my husband and I)
(me and Vandyke)
(I’m Bee the Knife, we just might save your life)
(01-08- c – r – I …m … e
Get your mole man on ….
With the twisty knife detective agency …)
Track Name: 'Oh Valentine..'
O Valentine, be mine
I'm back again, don't hide-
besides I already know you're there
Oh valentine, it's time to realize..

and see the signs to recognize
what's under there
I've kept your secret but soon you'll see

I'll give you kisses!
You'll know that being so adored
has never been so easy..
Track Name: 'Rain' (Song Fu VI Rd 1)
It's pouring outside / I've got it bad as the weather
It's all damp inside my mind / I don't have it together

But some people like to live like this
Cuz the rain makes the waterfalls into rainbows around
And I laugh and make appropriate sounds
Cuz you can't hear what I've been dreaming about …

I hold tight against myself / like a human umbrella
Yes sir … the shoe fits, but I ain't no … Cinderella
I'm just filling up holes in the street with the pools overflowing
I'm late to the dance
And my roots are showing

There's water everywhere
Are you gonna drink it?
Or will you just let it trickle down politely
when we could just throw down in the rain
-like we mean it?

The clouds move secretly, faster - I'm poised for disaster
wondering illegal things
I'm thinking about all the shining

And the rain makes a pretty parade
I see you, shove up my glasses / double-check the subtleties I made
and they're much too subtle … I'm afraid

You know it's not quite like all that
But I could drink you down right now
I guess this is kinda hard for you to understand
..I guess the weatherman could declare me legally mad

There's water everywhere
Are we gonna drink it?
Gulp it down like we mean it ...
I don't believe you don't see this clearly!
We're steaming- and we could throw down like we mean it
in the rain

You can look for the root of my crimes / in my past life
Put on galoshes, wade through my present time
Trip right to the flip-side then slip down to your never-mind

This is not about you
It's about what I go through
when you and all you&me too's
come through my
my stormy
parade …
Track Name: 'Duality Cupcake ("Why")' (Song Fu VI Rd 3)
My week has not been fine
There's no rules for how to write my life
Stick to facts go back to practice
still all this distraction

lies in wait to glaze me make me crazy
although no mistakes are made
so who's to say?

It's morning…
It's nighttime
a cup of do-or-die
dash of hello-goodbye
a tablespoon of
why shouldn't I??

As for him and I
-we're fine
and I think we might be tied up tight enough
… to get by

And you complain
that what I'm hiding under all this
icing wasn't advertised …

well why .. shouldn't I
add the spice
a cup of do or die
dash of hello goodbye
well why not why, why shouldn't I?

Why, shouldn't I
add some spice
a tablespoon of
just tell me
why write a recipe
to make something from this thing

Why shouldn't I?
Mixed up like marmalade inside
And I try to hide myself in plain sight …
it's sticky in my mind
complications clinging singing circles close my eyes
It stays in my brain
my duality
Track Name: Denise Hudson (featuring Joe 'Covenant' Lamb) - 'Something Very Horrible ("Bluebeard's Lament")' - First Tweaked Vrsn.
They tied our hands together
that time that we met
It was maybe a little intense for our first date

And I don't have a homeland now
No one's really from anywhere I s'pose
I've heard the rumors but I'm lying here undressed

My love, you'll be alright
You've reached a place of safety
Be careful, good night
don't look behind your fears
For I have drawn a curtain right over the darkness
Here, come claim your home
don't look for hidden halls

In the morning I'm not shy because you're mine
And you say these things - they're all for me
And I don't put no stock
in all the suspicious storytellings
when my mind is shocked by love
Then you tell me not to walk on down the hall

For anything, (for anything)
For anything...
My love I thought I gave you all that you wanted...
So now we'll go away into the darkness

And you know what curiosity did for that cat

They tied our hands together, the *last* time we met
(it was almost too easy, it was almost too tragic)
You say that I have all of your resources, and your love
(I waited for the inevitable end of the line)

Only one thing that I asked
(you gave me the keys)
You know what curiosity did for the cat
My beautiful girl
(to everything, to everything -)

(How can a man who can touch me like you do...)
I already know you will ignore my requests
( so violent and sad, with no regret … )
And now the key will never wipe clean